Purity has fled the land and only desolation remains.  Crows hunt for scraps but all they find is decay.  Every house has like five angry skeletons in it, so there's nowhere to sleep.  Can you defeat the great swamp master Blortho, so the skeletons let you move into his house?

It's Elden Ring but you can't move!  I mean, I've never actually played Elden Ring.  This is just a little prototype I made over a weekend.

Note this game is pretty hard and I didn't bother coding a win condition, because I can't beat it!  If you can get Blortho's health down to zero, you can tell everyone you won the game.


Roll/dodge - Down, S, or Space

Weak attack - Left click, Right arrow, or D

Strong attack - Right click, Up arrow, or W

Health potion - Left arrow, or A

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Tags2D, eldenring, hard, Horror, Medieval, Monsters, Souls-like, Tentacles


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you should definetely get that win condition coded : )

Oh wow, congrats!  Thanks for playing and letting me know of your great victory, that's awesome!